Peter Puklus‘ "Handbook to the Stars" available for purchase

Peter Puklus’ installation in the exhibition When Images Collide at the → Wilhelm-Hack-Museum comprises 35 copies of his small, hardback publication, Handbook to the Stars. While the book form has a given sequence, on the wall the books are collaged, the open pages overlapping, allowing the images to be read and connected in multiple directions. On the page, the images appear fragmented, extending off the edge of one page spread and appearing on the other. It is only when the books are installed that some kind of unity becomes apparent. Puklus tends to make loose families of images around a given set of themes and forms. And like members of a family, each of his images is both autonomous and related to others.

Together with the artist, the Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie is offering 50 signed copies of Handbook to the Stars for sale. For 28.00 € (plus shipping costs) you can order the hardback publication at