Photography & Science

Within the framework of an eight-part dialogue series in Heidelberg, photographic artists and scientists from different disciplines talked about the potential of photography to blur the boundaries between the two spheres.

Further information (in German) about the event can be found here.

Please note that the talks scheduled for March 19, March 31 and April 2, 2020 had to be cancelled due to the corona pandemic. The three dates took place virtually on November 3, 19 and 24, 2020.

The talks were recorded. In the following you can access the recordings of the conversations between
→ Anton Corbijn and Robin Curtis, Pop theory | “Sound and Vision” on January 16, 2020
→ Herlinde Koelbl and Christian Schicha, Media | “Traces of Power” on January 23, 2020
→ Timm Rautert and Horst Bredekamp, Visual studies | “Seeing Photography” on February 4, 2020
→ Benjamin Samuel and Achim Wambach, Business | “The Gleam of the Stock Market Crash” on February 20, 2020
→ Simon Starling and Joachim Wambsganß, Astronomy | “Astronomy and Photography: How Black Drops lead to Innovations” on March 5, 2020
→ Andrea Diefenbach and Hans Jäger, Medicine | “The camera as silent companion” on November 3, 2020 (new date, online event)
→ Armin Linke, Estelle Blaschke and Sabine Süsstrunk, Computational Science | “Image Capital” on November 19, 2020 (new date, online event)
→ Adam Broomberg and Grischka Petri, Law | „Cruel Exposures“ on November 24, 2020 (new date, online event)